Saturday, June 28, 2014

RC 4th Fest

Every year Royse City has their 4th fest about a week ahead of 4th of July.  It is always a pretty good show and the traffic isn't too bad! THis year we headed out with Jaime and Zachary. 

The kid enjoye some popcorn while we were waiting on the action to start

Jaime chillin!

My Love

Sugie hanging on the goal post

Trev flying twisty and Z around

Then the show began.  WE were sitting pretty close

But then the girls decided they needed to be even closer.  See the caution tape? Yep that is about as close as we could get! HA!

Trev caught some fun pics of them

This girl has always loved some fireworks! 

Sugie at her first fireworks show! :) 2009!

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