Saturday, June 28, 2014

RC 4th Fest

Every year Royse City has their 4th fest about a week ahead of 4th of July.  It is always a pretty good show and the traffic isn't too bad! THis year we headed out with Jaime and Zachary. 

The kid enjoye some popcorn while we were waiting on the action to start

Jaime chillin!

My Love

Sugie hanging on the goal post

Trev flying twisty and Z around

Then the show began.  WE were sitting pretty close

But then the girls decided they needed to be even closer.  See the caution tape? Yep that is about as close as we could get! HA!

Trev caught some fun pics of them

This girl has always loved some fireworks! 

Sugie at her first fireworks show! :) 2009!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kemah Boardwalk

It rained most of the days that we were in Houston but finally one day the sun was out so the girls and I headed to the Kemah Boardwalk.  It was the day after our big day at the Children's museum so we didn't stay to long before they were asking to go home becuase they were so tired1

Sweet girls

Silly Girls

They chose to ride the carousel and the train.  Twisty picked the zebra.

Sugie picked the horse and we road on the second level of the carousel so the girls thought that was cool.

Sweet girls on the train.

Choo choo

Outside the Bubba Gump Restaurant they have Forest's shoes.  Not a great pic but Bailey took it! HA!

Twisty in the big shoes

Sugie in the shoes

We then went to the Aquarium Restaurant.  I was worried the food wouldn't be any good but they had lunch specials and the food was actually pretty tasty.

Shark head twist

Lemon twist

They played in the fountain a bit and then were ready for to go home and take a nap.  Me too! HA! 

21st century preschoolers

Often wonder if my kids have any idea what it is to live like without a device that can take pics and videos on a whim.  When I am cleaning out the pics on my phone I always find interesting things.  This last time there were lots of interesting doll pics

Apparently Rosie had a photo shoot

Bailey even had me take her picture with rainbow.  Silly girl!

Then I found other random doll pics

Doll Selfie pics

The Doll selfie pics crack me up the most. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Houston Children's Museum

While we were in Houston we decided check out the Children's Museum! It was awesome!

If you are ever down that way you should check it out for sure!

The girls LOVED it! WE could have spent a whole other day there easily looking around.  We also got in FREE because we are members of the Perot Museum in Dallas

Crazy Sugie in a Crazy Mirror

Crazy sister in the mirror

Sugie loved this thing where you have to lift yourself up.

Twist found all the balls. :)

She also found a old phone! :)

Girls working together

Wind Tunnel

Strong Sugie!

They had this whole Kidtropolis area with a bank, tv station, police station, ambulance, store, etc.  They girls loved that part!


They had this cool climbing structure that Bailey loved

Twist decided to try it out too

About 1/2 way up though she lost her mind and I had to go in and rescue her!

Sugie way up there!